Apply to be a Guest on the Podcast

Are you looking for an opportunity to come on the show? I’d love to have you!

The LAT podcast launched in late August of 2020. In just over five months since the launch, we have achieved over 3,000 downloads across six continents, forty-two of the United States, and thirty countries! I have already met some incredible folks through this podcast and I look forward to all the wonderful people I will get to meet in the future!

The LAT community welcomes all different types of people and organizations. If you are:

-A therapist specializing in a particular type of therapy that helps trauma survivors
-Part of/work for an organization or non profit that helps others in any way (substance abuse, criminal justice system, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide, etc.)
-Someone who has overcome many hardships/trauma in your life and want to share about your recovery journey
-Someone who specializes in anything that might help people with their mental health (i.e., trauma-informed yoga, sexual health, meditation, intuitive eating, eating disorder recovery, holistic medicine, psychotropic medications, etc.)
-A strong ally and voice for marginalized communities and want to educate and inspire others to get involved

OR, if you have other reasons for wanting to be a guest on the podcast, I want to hear them! Please fill out the application below!

*All podcasts are recorded on Zoom and the recording is audio-only (although the interview itself can be done with video if you choose). The episodes are also edited. I like to keep the conversations on the podcast very organic, but with that being said, if there is a question or topic that you are not comfortable discussing, you can simply say so and I will respect that boundary.*

I look forward to meeting you!