Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can sometimes feel like it has a total hold on your life. I have experience in helping to Anxiety can feel so crippling at times. While it is expected that all of us will have moments of anxiety at some point during our lifetime, sometimes anxiety can become all-consuming and leaves us feeling completely out of control. Some symptoms or signs that you may be struggling with an anxiety disorder are:

  • panic attacks
  • obsessive thoughts
  • ritualistic behaviors
  • severe phobias
  • hair pulling (eyelashes, head hair, eyebrows, pubic hair)
  • skin picking
  • uncontrollable worry or fear

Treatment Approach

Anxiety disorders can affect all of us, from children, to teenagers, to adults. If left untreated, anxiety can worsen over time. I specialize in treating anxiety disorders in men, women, and kids of all different ages out of my Blackwood office, implementing CBT and DBT skills, mindfulness strategies, and relaxation techniques to help make anxiety more manageable. My goal is to empower my patients and leave them with the sense that they are the ones in control of their anxiety.

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