Eating Disorder Treatment

When working with clients with eating disorders, I believe that no two eating disorders are alike. From my office in Blackwood, I have treated patients who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Ultimately, as mental health therapist, I view eating disorders as a maladaptive coping skill used to mask pain and internal conflict.  

Treatment Approach

Connecting with their bodies in healthier ways through eating disorder therapy helps clients live guilt- and shame-free lives.
Connecting with their bodies in healthier ways through eating disorder treatment helps clients live guilt- and shame-free lives.

In eating disorder treatment, I work with clients to identify the purpose their eating disorder serves for them. For some, it is the body’s way of coping with trauma and grief. For others, it’s because pervasive diet culture makes clients feel like they don’t measure up to the impossible standards that society creates. Regardless, the message that so many people with eating disorders have received is this: You are not good enough.
By helping clients to identify the specific purpose that their eating disorder serves, clients can better focus on their recovery.

In a world that is so focused on diet culture, I also work with my patients to reverse the toxic messages they have been given surrounding diet culture and the need to develop “the perfect body” in order to achieve happiness, love, and acceptance. Throughout treatment, I help my patients to develop a healthier relationship with food so that they can grow to accept and appreciate their bodies while also allowing themselves to enjoy other parts of their lives.

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