Speaking Engagements & Trainings

Along with my private practice, I also do speaking engagements, conferences, trainings, and workshops. I have done conferences in North Jersey, South Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, and more.

My area of expertise is on the negative coping skills children, teens, and adults develop as a result of trauma, including eating disorders, addiction, self-harm, and other destructive behaviors. My presentations also include the impact that trauma can have on our first responders, healthcare workers, and law enforcement officers. I speak on the long-term and potentially fatal effects of untreated trauma as well as the process of recovering from PTSD and the hope and resiliency that can fuel a brighter and healthier future.

Previous Speaking Engagements and Trainings

2019 New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence Annual Conference
-Presented on the long-term effects of childhood trauma, its correlation to domestic violence, and the ways in which police and clinicians can work together to both prevent and intervene in domestic violence cases.

2019 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
-Developed a series of week-long events designed to promote awareness of victim services to residents of Camden County. Events included a county resource fair, assemblies at the local high schools, and a victim round-table discussion.

2018 International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
-Hosted a day-long event for survivors of suicide loss. The day began with a viewing of an AFSP-produced video, included group discussion and processing, and ended with a commemoration activity.

2018 Police Academy
-Presented about the most common mental health disorders in law enforcement, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Discussed the effects of mental health disorders on the brain and the importance of overcoming shame and seeking treatment to continue to prevent law enforcement suicide.

2013 Poster Presentation at the International Society of Political Psychology Conference
-Positive Portrayals of Feminist Men Increase Men’s Solidarity with Feminists and Collective Action Intentions.

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Photo by Manuel Alvarez on Pexels.com