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I Escaped With My Life

It has been eight years…. ….eight years since I packed all my bags, scoured the room for my keys, and made my way down the stairs and into the foyer, much against the loud opinions of the people around me. I pushed aside the man who stood in my way, the one who told me… Continue reading I Escaped With My Life

Lessons From The Skaneateles Lake

The COVID-19 pandemic has made me forget part of the reason why I love traveling so much – the unexpected lessons, the character sculpting, and the major moments of insight and awareness that come from being in a completely different place.  This past weekend, David and I finally got to go away together to a… Continue reading Lessons From The Skaneateles Lake


I really wish that we were talking about Pascal, the chameleon from Rapunzel. He is one of my favorite Disney characters! Has anybody ever discovered a stuffed animal Pascal? I’ve looked high and low but cannot find one anywhere! So if you know where I can buy one, please let me know. Clearly it’s a… Continue reading Chameleon

“I’m So OCD About It.”

**Trigger Warning** I am quite guilty about having talked like this in the past: “I’m so OCD about it.” About what? How clean I like my house to be, how I organize my closet, etc. I can even recount many times at the gym where I would be in the middle of a fitness class… Continue reading “I’m So OCD About It.”

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