Light After Trauma

Inspiration for the Podcast

I am a trauma therapist in southern New Jersey – I work with adolescents and adults who have histories of loss and trauma, many who have coped by developing raging eating disorders, addictions, self harm behaviors, unexplainable rage, etc. Simultaneously, I am navigating my own journey of recovery from Complex PTSD. Over the years, I have realized that, although at times we can only feel darkness, there is, in fact, light to be found find in the aftermath of loss and trauma. 

Yet, when I look around, I still see a world full of trauma survivors who are carrying so much shame, guilt, anger, and fear. I see how trauma causes us to cope in ways that can be life-threatening. From my own experiences and throughout my career, I have realized that despite the many powerhouse trauma warriors that are already in this field, fighting to spread awareness and messages of hope, there is still so much work to be done. 

Ultimately, this sparked the idea for this podcast. It has been created for those who are looking for support and connection and guidance on how to reclaim their lives and ultimately THRIVE in the aftermath of grief, loss, and unbearable pain.

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